News From 2018


Thanks for your generous support!  The proceeds from our Wine Bingo were $3400.00.

Listed below are some of the wonderful ways that your generous donations are helping children with autism: 

  • We purchased a folding motorized wheelchair that is both light weight and waterproof for a Mom who has lupus and is raising a son with autism.  This wheelchair will enable her to do all of the things that she needs to do with her son.
  • We paid for one family to take their autistic son to the Space Center.  He enjoyed his trip and had an amazing time!
  • Another family will be going to Bush Gardens.
  • We were also able to give a Mom $300.00 to help her child toward the cost of Applied Therapy.
  • The autism students and mentors from Wolf Pack United will be attending an Orlando Magics basketball game this week.  The team will bring the students onto the court at halftime for Autism Month.  Our group is providing the funds for the bus.