Please Help us Fund our Wolfpack Event

Village Angels will fund and attend a very special event that will take place at Westport High School on January 12, 2017. The event, hosted by the Wolf Pack United Mentoring Program will be an evening of theater followed by a special dinner and presentation.

 Wolf Pack United strives to promote inclusion between the special needs population and the general education population of the school, and to unite them on the foundations of common interests, empathy, and relationship.

The play that will be presented, has been written by an alumnus of the program and is based on his experiences with his autistic brother. Post-show dinner will be served by the theater students and members of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Unit.

 Speakers for the evening will be Dennis and Tucker Mashue of Tuck's Tooques.

Please help us help the Wolf Pack! 


Our picnic was held at Baseline Park. There were games, bubbles, clowns, face painting, sensory tables and food. Approximately 50 people attended and had fun. Several of the Mentors from The Wolf Pack attended and helped with the children giving the parents some time to enjoy themselves.




The Village Angels purchased $400 worth of special needs classroom products such as sound reducing headphones, pencil grips and "meteor storm" lights. The supplies were distributed to special needs classrooms throughout the Marion County school system.

Reports from teachers are that the specialized supplies have contributed greatly to their students' success in the classroom! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Wine Bingo Fundraiser!

The Village Angels' wine bingo fundraiser at Laurel Manor brought in over 250 guests who enjoyed an evening of games and giving. $3000 from proceeds of the evening will go towards funding further projects.

Temple Grandin Speaks

Village Angels members Sally Gage, Nancy Hooper and Tish Kelly attended the Autism Parent Summit featuring Temple Grandin.

 Ms. Grandin discussed the incredible importance of teaching people how to take care of themselves. Even when a child has severe autism, she said, they can gain independence by being given small tasks they can manage on their own. Jobs such as helping with household chores and dressing themselves can help them focus and be more present in classroom and family situations.

A New Sandbox!

The Village Angels purchased a “No Mess Sandbox” as a gift for the Citrus Country District Elementary School autism class.

Walk for Autism 2016

The Village Angels Walk for Autism was at The Polo Club in the Villages. Over 200 community members turned out to support the cause and entertain, including Ralph and Dawn DiNome, The Village Cheerleaders and The Village Clowns.

 The children and their families had a wonderful time dancing, laughing and sharing stories.

 As a result of the hard work and generosity of all involved $12000.00 was raised to be used to help local families who have children with autism.